The Evolution of Social Broadcasting: 

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Social Broadcasts is a different kind of audio company, putting personal stories and conversations at the heart of everything we produce.

Here are some of the formats that we have developed: 

Live workshops, immersive broadcasts and live radio experiments that encourage new ways of listening and promote the power of community conversation. Find out more

Bringing topics of discussion and conversations to life through thoughtful production and beautifully crafted sound. Example

Capturing the heart of a neighbourhood through the voices of the people that live and work there. Find out more

The exploration of contemporary themes and voices through curated audio portraits that reveal what lies beneath the surface. Example

Creating frameworks and contexts in order to record and transmit personal stories and experiences around a specific place or moment in time. (Oral histories) Example

The audio version of a magazine ranging from studio interviews to in-depth features and articles, sound column series to local reportage created for long form podcasts to bite size audio content. Example

Visualising intimate personal audio story-telling through animation. Podcasts for the ears and the eyes. Example