NOV 17- FEB 18

Rainbow Pilgrims is a landmark project that discovers the ‘hidden history’ of LGBTQI migrants in the UK past and present. 
Rainbow Pilgrims explores the narratives around ‘rites and passages’. The project documents the interconnection between faith, sexuality, gender and ethnicity by using oral history, film and photography. Rainbow Pilgrims culminates in a touring exhibition with pop-up events, a symposium, cutting-edge learning tools and an archive collection. This collection is the first source of LGBT and migration in a faith context in Britain.

Young radio makers were invited to attend a workshop hosted by Roundhouse Radio and Lucia Scazzocchio, focused on recording and producing oral history audio documentaries. The aim was for each student to produce an ‘audio portrait’ – a monologue piece giving insight into an aspect of one person’s life in their own words. 
More about the workshop

Lucia Scazzocchio was then commissioned to create audio clips and soundscapes from over forty oral history interviews for the Rainbow Pilgrims pop-up mobile and online exhibition curated by Ella Hollowood around six distinct themes: Finding the words, Finding love, Finding a home, finding a community, finding faith and finding ourselves. 

Project Manager: Surat-Shaan R Knan
Exhibition Curation: Ella Hollowood
Audio Production: Lucia Scazzocchio