APRIL 2014

Cultivaters was commissioned by The Decorators to turn their mobile radio stall into a vehicle for powerful, lively and effective programming with a view to engage with communities and enable discussions around the future of Chrisp Street Market, an area struggling in the face of rapid regeneration. The radio stall was set up in the market square on three consecutive Saturdays and was central to a series of events to encourage unity and engagement amongst business and residents in the area. The live radio shows ranged from light entertainment to serious discussion programmes with local leaders and politicians. 

Brief and objectives

The research project based on a series of actions at Chrisp Street Market in Poplar to emphasise the market's relevance as a public and civic space at the heart of community life was already underway. The Decorators built a mobile radio station inspired by the local market stalls with the idea to create a series of radio shows spanning three consecutive Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. The brief was to curate, coordinate and produce these shows as entertainment in the market square for the local residents but also as a way to engage and empower both residents and businesses by literally giving them a voice.  

Proposal and Outcome

Here the role of Cultivaters was more production and execution based as the brief was already underway and The Decorators had a clear idea of what they wanted to do and had already spent several months doing the ground work. Here the task was finding technical and practical solutions for live radio broadcasting from a busy market and programme three days of interesting and entertaining content featuring local residents and talent. 

Each day was divided into a schedule of 1 or 2 hour slots ranging from light entertainment quiz shows to serious discussion shows about the future of Chrisp Street Market.

This project was the catalyst for Social Broadcasting as it became clear that a framework built around the physical structure of a radio studio and the format of a live radio show encouraged candid and open discussion and insights rarely attainable through more linear platforms such as forums and meetings. It seemed that the microphone empowered participants to speak and actively listen rather than induce shyness or over-talking! 
It was evident that more insight was gained about what local residents and businesses owners really thought through these live radio discussions than in countless residential meetings. 

Radio programme production and post production: Lucia Scazzocchio
Radio hosts: The Decorators, Nia Charpentier, Martha Mc Alpine, Ana Xavier,
Lucia Scazzocchio
Sound Engineer: Michele Bianchin