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Resident Frequencies

A new way for you to tune into a space or place


RESIDENTS: Who are the stakeholders, constituents, locals that were or will be affected by the event or development alongside attendees.

PRECINCT: Defining the borders and parameters engaged and effected by the event/development, was there an area that really worked.

TRANSMITTERS: Who are the people still talking about it, what are they saying? (positive/negative insights)

DIALECT: Have people understood the language and intention of the event/development?

FREQUENCIES: What is the legacy that you can tune back into and use as inspiration for the next edition?


Resident Frequencies is a new type of Social Broadcast that enables event curators and place makers to tune into the spaces they nurture and create or events/projects that disrupt a community. As experts in using audio to understand and interrogate the local in a unique way, we have too often noticed that the effort, care and investment that goes into place and event making is often unable to capture and distil the signals, voices, chatter and feedback that surround the space before or after it is created.

Resident Frequencies offers a way to resolve this by capturing the audio footprint that is invariably generated, but rarely tuned into and heard.

Sitting perfectly alongside and complementing social media, this Social Broadcast is a way for all involved to congregate around a shared audio encounter that can be used for evaluation, insight, legacy, pitching and future planning resourcing. When you tune into your Resident Frequency it is as if the event or space was talking back to you.









A the recordings for a Resident Frequency are ideally made 2/3 weeks after an event, after which there is decreasingly less to tune into as memories fade. 
A specialist 8-10min 'social broadcast' dedicated to your event is created and conceived as a private sharable commented soundcloud file (as per below)
Each Resident Frequency takes up to 3 weeks to produce.  Contact lucia@socialbroadcasts.co.uk for a quote.

The research and development of Resident Frequencies as a simple and effective tool for event curators and place makers has been inspired by recent commissions by The V&A Micro-Museum (a sound installation recordings made of local residents past and present is used to explore the future of The Lansbury Estate) and Cambridge City Council/The Cambridge Junction to investigate the sense of community in a newly regenerated neighbourhood in the city.