Initiated by Cultivaters - Broadcast in Progress

Something to Declare aims to raise awareness, help us better understand and possibly enable us to relate more to the migration 'crisis' at the moment.  Just as the image a dead Turkish child washed up on beach suddenly humanised reporting and attitudes about refugees, personal stories recounted by people around us can help us to identify and relate. Those people over there become these people over here. Ourselves and the people we know. 

This is a  collection of personal stories about moving from somewhere else to London with an emphasis on how personal stories can help us relate to and understand the wider picture with the idea that most of us do indeed have 'Something to Declare' along the line, whether it be our own, our parent's or indeed our grandparent's story. 

The first stage, recording of a collection of personal stories local Londoners is already underway and they have been embedded into an online world map. These arrival stories already recount incredible diversity not only in where people are from but also depict many reasons for movement and arrival across different generations. 

The second stage will be a live immersive event where participants will record their stories at an 'Arrivals Bureau'. These will be added to the map.