Who Are We? is a collaborative project with Counterpoint Arts, Loughborough University, The Open University and University of Warwick seeking to provoke questions around identity belonging, migration and citizenship through the Arts and Public participation at The Tate Exchange, Tate Modern Switch House, 14-19 March


Beyond The Babble was an interactive and participatory audio focused installation, exploring questions of identity, belonging and the fragile nuance of power-shifts around the impact of the collective and individual voice within the babble of social noise. 
A conversation between Giota Alivzou (Open University) and Lucia Scazzocchio introduces the context and background for the installation. 

Participants were invited to record personal thoughts, stories and experiences around questions of individual and collective identity. Who are we? Who am I? Over the course of the exhibition each recording was integrated into a living and growing sound installation. When heard all together these voices were an unidentifiable babble, however by tuning into a specific channel, each individual voice could be properly integrated, cutting through the noise generating its own impact as part of a collective.
This piece also took these individual voices beyond the walls of The Tate Exchange to the wider virtual sphere via a collection of ‘audio postcards’ broadcasting ‘who we are’, at this moment in time.

Sound installation by Lucia Scazzocchio

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