Propelia, the 'Record Label for ideas' launched P/O/P/A/G/A/N/D/A as a way to explore new perspectives around a live issue floating through popular culture, people's minds and current conversations without perhaps being fully considered, punctured, 'popped'.
So far these open table discussions have been held at the Book Club Shoreditch on a Sunday afternoon where a carefully chosen group of people is invited to watch a short film montage to provoke some thought around the chosen topic, followed by two advocates who are somehow involved in the ideas being explored, they don't necessarily have opposing viewpoints but come at the theme from different angles. 

An audio ‘Popcast’ is then produced as a 'Social Broadcast' after each event as a synthesis of the debate. This is shared with participants and thought-leaders in the relevant space. The Popcast isn't created to give any answers, on the contrary its abstract format is a call for listeners ask more questions. 

So far Coding, Choice and Personal Identity have been investigated.
The next P/O/P/A/G/A/N/DA explores our relationship with Data as part of the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House

Audio and Video Production: Lucia Scazzocchio
Event ProductionDan Simmons