MAY 2015

How do you get children away from the screen and interested in walking? This was the focus of national charity Living Streets and Greenwich Council's Green Chain Walks foundation. They launched a campaign in schools all over South-East London to introduce local school children to the joy of walking and outdoor exercise. This audio map was created to capture these children's experiences of the Green Chain walks and plot them into the locations they discovered. 

Brief and objectives

The charity Living Streets' task was to engage school children from South East London to encourage them and their families to enjoy walking and specifically to take an interest in the local country walks that make up the Green Chain Trail. Our challenge was to find a way document their experiences of these countryside walks in their own words in order to promote general health and wellbeing for children by children. 

Proposal and outcome

Recording a series vox-pop style interviews with children and the public to gage their personal insights and stories about the Green Chain walk at the Living Streets presentation events in Bromley, Woolwich and Lewisham in order to collect specific stories, insights and anecdotes about places of interest along the Green Chain walks.

These will then be edited into embeddable audio files that refer to specific points of interest on the Green Chain Walk Map. 

This project posed some interesting challenges as recording the interviews relied on the fact that the children who took part in these walks and their parents would actually turn up to the Green Chain stands that were set up in the relevant town centres. On some occasions they did, on others days they didn't.. This meant some of the interviews took place at school where the children were remarkably less forthcoming and open than with their parents out on a shopping spree away from school. 

The broadcast and how the audio was presented posed another challenge as initially the idea was that this audio would be embedded into an existing Green Chain map on their website but this proved to be too costly. This meant using free tools: GoogleMaps and YouTube rather than embedded sound. 

A fun jingle incorporating some of the audio recorded to promote the Living Streets 'Walk this May' campaign. 


Audio and multi-media production: Lucia Scazzocchio