MAY 2013 - MAY 2014


What makes people decide to start their own business, work free-lance an be their own boss? This is a collection of condensed interviews with a cross-section of working residents renting a desk, office or studio on the Co-working environment 'The Bootstrap Building'. These short audio portraits give us an insight into the route or root of these professional journeys.  Ranging from graphic design to bicycle repairs, they all have one thing in common, they have made a committed choice to do the work they do.

Brief and objectives

Cultivaters had just been launched and it was time to move from the dining room table and cafes to somewhere more sociable full of like-minded people, where else but one of the many emerging co-working spaces in East London. Curiosity and chance led me to the Bootstrap building and more precisely to The Print House. Very quickly it emerged that the anticipated friendly social environment, potential collaboration and connections would take a bit of work. Who were all these people, how did they get here doing what they do? 


Knowing that in order for these audio interviews to more engaging they would need visual accompaniment, I began to look for a photographer in the building, as luck had it my desk neighbour Kuba Nowak was the perfect collaborator and Audio Routes as a format was born. We Combined a photographic slide shows and short edited interviews to create shareable video portraits of 16 diverse residents in the building. 

Audio interviews and production: Lucia Scazzocchio
Photography and video production: Kuba Nowak